Education Management Information System (EMIS)

EMIS stands for “Education Management Information System”. In a very simple and straightforward way it may be understood as “An Information System for Managers of the Education System”

EMIS is a Tool for:

    1. Data collection
    2. Storage
    3. Integration
    4. Analysis
    5. Dissemination

Specifically designed for use by planners and administrators to plan and administer education system more efficiently and effectively.

EMIS is an integrated human and computer based process for providing all the information needed to support all the activities of the education department including management, planning and decision making.

EMIS is a Management Support Service and, it supports different users of education statistics

The main purposes of the EMIS

  1. Providing information to all users to enable these users to conduct their different tasks more efficiently
  2. Enabling decision-makers to take better decisions and justifying them, based on concrete information
  3. Enabling planning and policy development to address objectively identified issues, set quantified targets, and realistically estimate the resources required for implementing plans and policies
  4. Contributing to improving the efficiency of day-to-day operations of the education system by providing relevant and reliable information
  5. Support efficient monitoring of attainment of the stated education goals, by providing complete, reliable and timely data.
  6. Support planning, decision making, supervision and management.
  7. Facilitate the efficient direction of resources to the needy areas and eliminate/minimize wastage.
  8. Accurate and reliable information
  9. Diagnosis of weaknesses and strengths
  10. Identification and Selection of priorities areas
  11. Resource allocation