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Purpose of EMIS

The Gilgit-Baltistan Educational Management Information System (GBEMIS) has been functioning in Education Department since 1998. The main purpose of the GBEMIS is to consolidate and collate education statistics, maintain comprehensive provincial education database, set standards for quality improvement of education data, and provide technical support to the divisional and district EMISs for enhancing their capacity to generate and maintain MIS reports

What We Do

Improve the quality and integrity of data and information Systematize the data need identification, data collection, processing, generation, dissemination and evaluation Strengthen the capability to manage, plan, and control the flow of information within and outside of the organization Provide the mechanism to meet the increasing demand for data and information Provide baseline data and information to generate performance indicators as measuring tools in the attainment of educational objectives and policies


Human Power


District Offices





Meet With Our Company A Quality Experience Team with 23 years experience

Deputy Director EMIS

Muhmmad Afzal Khan

Incharge IT

Safdar Ali

Database Admin

Aesar Hussain

GIS Officer

Alamgeer Hussain