UNICEF Education Support Programme in Gilgit-Baltistan FROM 2005- 2015

Framework of Child-Friendly Schools

Child-Friendly Schools in GB

District wise Data of  CF Schools

Participants Attended Capacity Building Workshops

Missing Facilities

Statistics of ECE centers in GB


  • Capacity building of stakeholders:

    –Subject-wise trainings for teachers

    –Trainings for head teachers

    –Trainings for SMCs and MSGs

    –Orientation Sessions for AEOs

    –Awareness Sessions on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender in Education, Effects of corporal punishment, Social Cohesion and resilience.

  • Initiation of ECED in GB
  • Provision of Missing Facilities in schools
  • Provision of supplies
  • Enrollment drive
  • Engaging policy makers, parliamentary caucus and DoE Officials for legislation on implementation of 25/At
  • Field-based activities

    –Follow-up visits

    –School-based sessions for teachers

    –Classroom observations and feedback

    –Resource development

  • Community Mobilization

    –Formation of MSGs and SMCs

    –Sessions for SMCs and MSGs

Key Achievements of 2013-14

  • Completion of the documentary “ Making a Difference: The Saga of Education in Gilgit-Baltistan”
  • Orientation Sessions for 178 ECED teachers of 04 Districts  Hunza-Nager, Ghizer, Gilgit &  Skardu
  • Orientation of  18 new FPSC selected headteachers of DoE
  • Capacity building of 64 headteachers of  newly added  districts  Diamer(36) and Astore (28)
  • 124 schools of GB were provided missing facilities such as clean drinking water, sanitation, boundary walls, electrification and minor repairing.
  • 280 schools were facilitated by providing the supplies received from UNICEF such as, School in box, Recreation Kits, ECED Kits, First Aid Kits, Plastic Mats and School bags with stationery items.
  • Enrollment Campaign was launched to enroll out of school children in nearby schools.
  • As a result of enrollment campaign 15,853 children are enrolled in 2013 and  compilation of reports of enrollment campaign 2014 is in progress.
  • Legislation on mainstreaming of ECE and compulsory Primary Education in GB is in progress
  • 05 Training manuals are developed by CFS team.
  • Developing Monitoring and supervision mechanism for DoE GB is on track.
  • Developing Retention Strategy is on track.
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